About me

so, I’m just your standard, garden variety English professor trying to earn my keep and find a foothold in the world. I also happen to be blind. A former professor of mine once told me my life would make excellent sitcom material, and what felt like a back-handed compliment at 21 now feels far closer to the truth as I somehow find myself mid-slide on the downslope from 35 to 40. I would probably describe myself as Bridget Jones meets Helen Keller meets Amelia Bedelia. I’ve decided to capitalize on the chaos of my life, which ranges from the heartbreaking to the hilarious, including reflections on misadventures in teaching, to what Jane Austen would think of how 21st-century society is handling a pandemic , to why on earth Colin Firth hasn’t received a knighthood. So, thanks for joining me on the ride. Keep your elbows in, since I can’t see where I’m┬ádriving.