On the Courage of Living with a Disability: a Reflection (Living Blind Blog Post)

This week, I’m once again over at the Living Blind Blog, where I’m discussing the challenges associated with using words like courageous and inspirational when describing someone with a disability and how such descriptions at once acknowledge and call unwanted attention to a person’s disability. Head over here to check out the post!

As always, thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “On the Courage of Living with a Disability: a Reflection (Living Blind Blog Post)”

  1. I don’t like those words being used to describe me. Especially if they are used because of my blindness. I also lothe the word amazing. when it is used because of my blindness. I guess I am so amazing because I pick up my dog’s poop with my bottom sticking out and not looking at it. Oh and I am so amazing as a blind woman because I can figure out that I am having my cycle. That is seriously what a female doctor believed. Yeah all of these things and more really make me feel very amazing. Off my soap box.

    1. I think that’s the concern that a lot of people with disabilities have–that words like courageous and amazing are used too freely, and we’re made uncomfortable when we’re given credit for doing something that requires so little effort when there are so many greater challenges that have to be faced.

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