After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most.- Philip Pullman

Francesca M. Marinaro, Ph.D.

Welcome! I’m Francesca Marinaro, and I have over eight years of experience as a writer and teacher of writing. I have successfully taught courses in composition, technical writing, and business/professional writing at The University of Florida and Florida Gulf Coast University. I have worked as a writing consultant for Pearson Education, providing customized feedback on documents ranging from resumes and cover letters to theses and dissertations. My writing has been published by McFarland Books and The Victorian, and I have written educational content for study.com. I also currently serve as a reviewer for the Readings Journal and have been a contributing author at Lifehack and the LivingBlindBlog.

If you are looking to hire a writer or editor with expertise, creativity, and passion for the craft, look no further! Please feel free to have a look around my site to learn more about my services, view my credentials, and see samples of my work. Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to telling your stories!

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  1. I just came across your list of 25 books that everyone should read. I wanted to add five of my own if I may. If you gace not read any of these they are definitely worth doing so!

    1. Flying in Place – Susan Palwick
    Taking on the uncomfortable subject
    of incest with equal parts
    compassion and grit it is unflinching
    yet poignant. It has a supernatural
    element as a backdrop but it is a
    human story that doesn’t have so
    much an uplifting ending as one that
    is real world but hopeful. Only 210
    pages i read it in one sitting!
    Absolutely stunning work.

    2. Dandelion Wine – Ray Bradbury
    Original and magical as only Ray
    Bradbury can be, the story of the
    twelfth summer of boyhood friends
    in a fictional but very recognizable
    small town in mid America is filled
    with simple wisdom.

    3. The Hand Maiden’s Tale – Margaret
    On a darker note this tale of the rise
    of fanatical and evil Rightwing
    Christian Fascism was perfect during
    The Reagan 80’s and is right now.
    Read this before every election.

    4. Tell Me You Love Me Junie Moon
    Marjorie Kellogg
    Funny. sad, poignant. harsh, tender –
    a wonderful story real life but with a
    touch of magic. The real meaning of
    “beauty” and the idea that love
    can conquer all. Three “misfits” who
    are us all.

    5. The Hobbit – JRR Tolkien
    My favorite book ever! Enchanting
    and profound in it’s simplicity Bilbo
    Baggins is every Hero in the ordinary
    person, every child adventurer in the
    woods and every bit of innocence
    in a world of cynicism. One of the
    greatest characters ever created in

    I hope you enjoyed my list like I
    enjoyed yours! Would really welcome
    your comments.

  2. Ciao Francesca, I saw your ”If you Grew up Italian” Post.
    Great read and I do understand your list, very similar to my Family too, made me smile thinking back, I feel like cracking up a Good Vino and reminisce about the good ol’days!

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